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Mathschool works towards helping you with your math at school and college level.If you wish to expand on your knowledge of math or work on converting it into an asset please do approach us.
Our Main Programs are
Foundation program (FP)
  • This gives a comprehensive study of the fundamentals in math that is required at the Middle and Secondary School Levels.
  • The program is compulsory for those between 10 and 15 years of age.
Math Olympiad Track (MOT)
  • This program is to promote a serious culture in the study of math. Offered in 3 parts, it is an extensive package that covers theory and problems in a wide variety of interesting topics.
  • Those who have successfully completed the IIT-EE Math Program need to take up only the last module of the MOT.
IIT Engineering Entrance (IIT - EE)
  • All those who have successfully completed the Foundation Program may register for the IIT-EE Math Program.
  • This program trains the candidate on high school and advanced levels of math that encourages them to compete in engineering entrance exams at the national level.
  • The program is offered in 5 parts of which the last two are assignments with problems of high complexity levels.
  • All B.E. and B.Tech students who aspire to take up the IIT-GATE may register for this program.
  • The course is designed such that it also helps the students in the Advanced Engineering Mathematics that forms part of their course curriculum.
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Foundation Program (FP)
IIT Engineering Entrance (IIT - EE)
Math Olympiad Track (MOT)
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Mode of payment accepted Bank Transfer / Demand Draft
Terms and conditions
1. Fees once paid is non-refundable.
2. The candidate can access all course materials and assignments with solutions only for the course they have registered for.
3. On completion of the program the candidate will have to submit a fresh registration form for the next program which he/she wishes to continue.